Past Plastic

Watch David Surber’s interview with Gabrielle Russell on getting beyond plastic!


Single use disposable plastic bags litter our neighborhoods, cause breakdowns in recycling sorting machines as they jam the machines, litter neighborhoods near landfills causing expense for landfills.

Single use disposable plastic bags have to be sorted out of the sewage leading to the waste water treatment plants, clog up sewer drains and can cause sewer overflows by clogging grates.

garbage patch

Worst off all, enormous amounts of plastic wind up in the Ocean.

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ECO and Sierra Club Partner on Coalition 4 Fair Rates


Fair & Affordable Water for Greater  Cincinnati

Cincinnati has an outdated public utility system, with over 200 ageing  combined sewer overflow points and hundreds of miles of stream that flow through sewers, overwhelming the waste water treatment plants resulting in billions of gallons of sewage overflows each year.

We are required to repair and rebuild our  failing sewer system. Yet, sewage continues to overflow while water bills have become a burden on our communities. Over the past 15 years sewage rates have increased, sometimes as high as 12% in one year.

High sewer rates are an affordability issue as many in our region, have sewage rates that exceed  2.5% of their annual income placing a financial burden on low and fixed income individuals and communities.

Access to affordable clean water is a human right.    Continued rate increases, without a change in rate structure, could harm a significant amount of individuals and communities. Our city and county need a new, fair and equitable rate structure. Here are some changes we can make:

  • Elderly Low/Income Discount
  • Incentivize Water Conservation
  • Lower Minimum Bill
  • Appeals Process
  • End Water Shut Offs
  • Green infrastructure Incentives  

Together we can  change how the City and County charge different customers for water and sewer services to ensure a more fair and equitable billing system.  The Hamilton County Commissioners sets the water and sewer rates and have agreed to establish a task force on affordability in 2015.

By joining the Coalition 4 Fair Rates we can improve the public, environmental, and economic health of our communities through Sewer & Water Rate Structures.  Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to affordable clean water.


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Gray Road Landfill

Results from information request to MSD:

4-12-12 EPA Letter

3-28-12 WPDR

8-8-11 WPDI

8-5-11 Annual Investigation

8-3-12 WDPI

8-3-10 Annual Investigation

7-28-11 Phone Memo

7-25-11 Phone Memo

7-25-11 Phone Memo2

7-2-12 WDPA

6-6-12 Annual Investigation

5-14-12 Phone Memo


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Kings Run update

MSDGC has provided the following files on Kings Run, CSO 217 and 483.

Phase A1 Basins – Pre90%
Phase A2 Sewer Separation – Pre60%
Phase B Alternative Analysis Report has been broken into several parts due to the file size

Phase C Winton Road – 90%

Value Engineering Report

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MSDGC rate hearings scheduled

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 11:30 a.m., and Monday, December 8, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. both hearings are scheduled at 138 East Court Street, Room 605, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.



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