green infrastructure and sewers

Green Infrastructure

Cincinnati has a sewage problem, with over 200 hundred combined sewer overflow points and hundreds of miles of streams that flow through sewers overwhelming the waste-water treatment plants. Sewer overflows violate the clean water act and we are required to repair and rebuild our outdated and failing sewer system. Many communities utilize their storm-water fees to incentivize homeowners to install green infrastructure like rain gardens or rain barrels. They also require storm-water management like rain gardens or swales for new construction and collect fees on large impervious surfaces.

About ECO

ECO: Environmental Community Organization is a greater Cincinnati 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  ECO preserves community and environmental health as a network of dedicated individuals through organizing with communities, action to hold industry and government accountable, and education efforts.

ECO: Environmental Community Organization
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ECO is a proud member of Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati.