Be a plastic free gift giver this holiday season

If you are planning to give a gift this holiday season while maintaining your plastic free lifestyle, look no further!

Plastic-free gifts

Reusable water bottle or coffee mug: A popular item for everyone these past few years has been reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.  Whether gift one with someone’s favorite sports team logo on it or you choose to create a more unique bottle or mug with the person’s name or a personalized message, you are sure to impress anyone with this gift idea.  Think about all of the plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups you will be keeping out of our landfills and waterways!

Homemade gift giving:  Get creative! Making a gift for someone can be a fun way to give something straight from the heart.  A letter with a personal message, a hand crafted ornament, or a scarf that you knitted yourself are all great examples of gift you can make at home to cut out the plastic waste associated with buying new from the store.

Books:  Go to your second hand book store and find a book that is a favorite of yours or one that you think gives a meaningful message.  You can even write a note on the inside cover of the book to give an irreplaceable gift. Buying used is a great way to save money and eliminate the demand for unnecessary over production.  Just remember, when at the book store’s register ask for no bag!

Packaging Tips

When it comes time to wrap your gift remember less is better.  If there is a way to reduce the amount of packaging you are using, do it!  Here are a few easy ways to reduce waste when wrapping gifts:

  • Use a gift bag.  These can be reused again and again instead of being torn apart and thrown away as you would with wrapping paper.
  • Skip the tape.  Tape is made of plastic and makes it hard to reuses wrapping paper. A short search online can show you how to fold wrapping paper in a way that will hold it all together, eliminating the need for tape!
  • Ditch the Ribbon.  If you don’t need it, skip it.  Ribbon is often times used to add a little pizzazz to a wrapped gift but is rarely reused.  Ditching the ribbon is a way to keep unneeded waste out of the landfills.
  • Try newspaper.  Using old newspaper that you have finished reading removes the need for store bought wrapping paper completely and can add a creative look to your gift.  Even better, you can recycle your newspaper gift wrap when you are down with it!