ECO comments: December 14th, 2016

Hi, my name is Josh Clyde and I’m here representing the non-profit organization ECO. During my time working with ECO I’ve talked to people who have gotten sewage in their basement from inadequate sewer lines here in Hamilton County.  The sewage backups into their homes ruined important material items belonging to them as well as items of costly repair like furnaces and hot water heaters. These people worry about another basement backup.  They can only recover from damages so many times.

These backups are a threat to their property as well as their health.

We understand that money is needed to fix the sewers, but we feel that the cost are being allocated to the wrong people. While individual residences are struggling to pay high sewer rates for a system that is not giving them what they paid for, industries are getting discounts on their bills and paying little to nothing for all the storm water that runs off of the huge parking lots that they own.  The treatment of that storm water is paid mostly by the residents.

We need a rate structure in Cincinnati that takes notice of the extensive volume of storm water runoff leaving these impermeable surfaces and makes sure that it is being paid for by the right people.  We need a rate structure that offers incentives to the progressive eco-friendly users who choose to integrate permeable surfaces on their properties, before, and after building is complete.